Sell Your Duds

JULY SELLING HAS CLOSED. Please send us a message with your August requests to sell. We will send out a bulk email with full instructions on how to sell to Oaks + Stone the first week of August. Hooray!


Selling your little lads clothes shouldn't be so much work. Can I get an amen? I have spent hours upon hours of hard earned naps taking pictures, posting on facebook BST groups, ironing, sending invoices, answering comments at 1 am about when the dern jon jon will arrive. GEEZ, Girl...check the tracking number. 

Then there's the consignment sale. I mean, sometimes I like to go dig through the racks (and not find anything), but the passes and the hangers with directions and notecards and driving there and finding a babysitter to drive there and making 40% on $60. I. Can. Not. It's just not worth the effort.

OK. Rant over, but you know what I mean. My goal is to take the work out of selling your peanut's duds. This is how that works. 


Straight up purchase them. No waiting to see if they sell at the consignment store, no selling individual items and packaging and shipping to 42 people. I buy the whole lot. Think "Plato's Closet" for baby boy clothes. 

Let's get this party started...

Step 1 : Send me a picture ( or two or five ) of your boutique brand clothing and accessories. 

Step 2 : We'll review the photos and pick out what we think fits our store. It could be 6 items, it could be the whole lot. Here's a list of things we love.

Step 3 : We create an offer based off style, brand, and condition. 

Step 4: When you accept the offer, we will send a return label to your door step. You ship the selected items.

Step 5: We send you CASH MONEY through Paypal (the best way to protect you and I).


Send me a message below with your name and email. I will respond by email about sending your photos. I will not be accepting new inventory until July. If you're interested in selling, send me a message now!  First come, first serve.