Our Products

We sell high end, boutique brand clothing that has been slightly loved by a little boy and his momma (potentially his dad, but it's ok if he didn't love it that much). We chose to sell only boys apparel because the need is great and the selection is small. There are amazing styles from 2019 or 2005 or 1982 that just need a good home and a sweet boy to get them dirty.

Each item that comes into this business has been laundered by me or my husband, Drew (let's be honest...Drew washed it), ironed or steamed by me, folded by me, loved by me, and shipped by me. 

Every piece of clothing is inspected in the sunlight, so that we can share with you the exact condition of that item. You can find the condition in each product description. Some are new with tags, some are like new, some have a little pilling, yellowed a bit, maybe a snag in the fabric, a little tiny thread hanging off. You get the picture. Any flaw will be mentioned and priced accordingly.

We believe that an honest business is a successful business!