About The Owner

Hi friends! I’m Kendra - owner of Oaks + Stone. First things first, I need you to know this picture was taken 2 years ago (pre-baby Oaks). That’s why I look so well rested. It’s the most flattering photo I could find from the last 2 years. So, you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. Am I right? 

Next on the agenda...I want to share with you why I decided to start Oaks + Stone. It’s a reasonably short story...

1. @jensincero practically pushed me into it with her witty rhetoric and general bada$$ery (calm down...I know there’s a baby in the room, but he can’t read yet. I shall proceed).

2. There. Is. Not. Enough. Boy. Merchandise. On. The. Market. Mommas in the back, can I get an amen? I’ve worked as a buyer for a children’s boutique for over 2 years. While there are many precious looks being added to the market every season, the quantity of those sweet looks doesn’t even come close to the girls apparel flooding the market. #notfair There is more to be had. It has just been slightly loved already! 

3. Buy Sell Trade is a disaster zone. I don’t know if you have ever witnessed a fight on Facebook between BST moms, but it’s INTENSE. The rules are insane. The people can also be insane. The post office can fail us. It just feels icky sometimes. And honestly, do you want to spend your precious nap time hour taking pictures of clothes to post on Facebook? Absolutely not!

4. I L-O-V-E littles and their tiny clothes. I enjoy searching for them, buying them (sorry hubby), hanging them, organizing them, taking pictures of them, and selling them. Sorta weird, I know! 

All that to say, I’m here to take the work out of buying and selling your little lads clothes AND I’m really excited about it.