The Thomas Family // Columbia, TN

Meet the Thomas Family!

Kyle and Alana Thomas have been married for almost nine years.

They have a five year old son named Emory.

They have been on a very heartbreaking and emotional journey of infertility for over three years. After different testing and procedures having another biological child seemed impossible for the Thomas family. Alana was heartbroken because she didn’t understand and felt her family was not yet “complete”. Six months ago on November 11, 2018 everything began to make perfect sense. God had a different plan for their family to be completed- ADOPTION!!!!They are very humbled and excited about God’s calling on their family. The love and support they have received from their family and friends has been unbelievable. The Thomas’ Family is now awaiting family with Bethany Christian Services Adoption Agency to adopt a newborn baby from the United States. God has shown them so much in just a short time. He is woven into every single detail of their journey. The Thomas family ask for your prayers as they wait to bring their baby home.